26 April 2016


Hour 1 (Kevin)
The Helix Nebula - Sea of Suns (Meridian)
Scale The Summit - Odyssey (The Migration)
Animals as Leaders - Tooth and Claw (The Joy of Motion)
The Safety Fire - Mouth of Swords (The Mouth of Swords)
Karnivool - Themata (Themata)
JAMBINAI - Time of Extinction (Différance)
Ghostborn - Lost Voice (Lost Voice)
Periphery - Mile Zero (Periphery II)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Crossburner (One of Us is the Killer)
Mastodon - March of the Fire Ants (Remission)
Gojira - Stranded (Stranded- Single)

*bump* Native Daughters - Sleep Lump (Master Manipulator)

Hour 2 (Sean)
Cormorant - Unearthly Dreamings (Dwellings)
Mount Soma - Nebula (Origins)
Witchhelm - Ulven (Invocations)
Merchant - Mourning Light (Suzerain)
Celeste - Cette silhouette paumée et délabrée qui sanglote et meurt (Animale(s))
Last Minute to Jaffna- Chapter XXV (Volume II)

*bump* sunnata - Beasts of Prey (Zorya)

19 April 2016


*Bump* - Electric Wizard - Vinum Sabbathi (Dopethrone)

Hour 1
Weedeater - Wizard Fight (God Luck and Good Speed)
High on Fire - Bloody Knuckles (De Vermis Mysteriis)
Bongzilla - Grim Reefer (Apogee)
Sleep - Holy Mountain (Sleep's Holy Mountain)
Torche - Tarpit Carnivore (In Return)
Kylesa - Crusher (Exhausting Fire)
Mico de Noche - Out of Control (Cherries)
Red Fang - Wings of Fang (Red Fang)
Baroness - Take My Bones Away (Yellow & Green)
Melvins - Night Goat (Houdini)
Windhand - Two Urns (Grief's Internal Flower)

Hour 2
IZO - Izo (Intro)/ We are what we are (IZO)
sunnata - Beasts of Prey (Zorya)
Black Pyramid - Visions of Gehenna (Black Pyramid)
Huaychivo - Yaqui Way (The Five Agreements)
Inter Arma - Transfiguration (Paradise Gallows)
Crypt Trip - White Lady (Crypt Trip)
Dopelord - Addicted To Black Magick (Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult)
Yuri Gagarin - The New Order (At The Center Of All Infinity)
Merchant - Mourning Light (Suzerain)

12 April 2016


Hour 1
Baryon - Ordovician (Inauguration)
ISIS (THE BAND) - Threshold of Transformation (Wavering Radiant)
High on Fire - Luminiferous (Luminiferous)
Indian - Directional (From All Purity)
Black Fast - The Coming Swarm (Terms of Surrender)
Order of the Owl - Class War (In the Noon of the After Day)
Old Man Gloom - A Hideous Nightmare Lies Upon The World (The Ape of God)

*Bump* Old Man Gloom - The Lash (The Ape of God)

Hour 2
VNFVRL - Oleander (Deathbed)
Nathyr - Attaghoot (As The Legacy Unveils)
Omnia Vincam - The Yearning (Prima Materia)
Wild Reprisal - Neither Man or Beast (Against Leviathan)
4 Cinégas - Hiena/ Damselfly/ Dobsonfly (Cuatro Cinégas)
Black Sabbath - A Bit of Finger/Sleeping Village/Warning (Self-titled)
Manilla Road - Necropolis (Crystal Logic)

*Bump* Dokken - Mr. Scary

11 April 2016

The Countdown begins

Make sure your radio is on and your neck strong. 

This is not a drill.