Music Submissions + Promotional Inquiries

Music Submissions:

We love getting music submissions from underground metal* bands and/or labels. Please send in a full length CD or digital download (or bandcamp code is fine too) for consideration. We will likely email you if we decide to air your material, so you can tell your fans to tune in. We currently report our charts to CMJ and Dusted Magazine, so if your album does well at our station it could possibly get recognition at other stations around Northern America.

Physical Submissions:**

ATTN: Metal Director
P.O. Box 3973
Atlanta, GA 30302-3973

Digital Submissions: 

(preferably 320kbps)

Email or dropbox to**

*Heavy, but not necessarily metal?

Send your loud rock submissions to the same physical location, but ATTN Lauryn Christy. Currently seeking punk-influenced loud rock, like math rock, noise rock, post-hardcore (no hot topic bullshit please), mathcore, experimental rock, etc.

**A lyrics sheet or indication of tracks that may not be FCC clean will absolutely speed along the process of getting your music on air. We get dozens of submissions each month and it's incredibly time-consuming to listen to them all and screen for obscenities. For reference, these words are not FCC clean: fuck, shit, piss, tits, cunt, motherfucker, cocksucker.

Promotional Inquiries:

Are you looking to come through Atlanta and hoping to find information on local bands, venues, etc? Or are you already on tour and hoping for an interview opportunity or to make sure we're aware of and promoting the show? Send an email to Lauryn Christy at with your band and tour information and in what kind of promotion you're interested.

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