20 December 2016


This was it. It was honor hosting Into the Void and being part of it for longer. Thank you all, and goodnight.

Auras - Infinite Influence
Metallica - Master Of Puppets
Sepultura - Subtraction
Death - Painkiller
Dio - Holy Diver
Motorhead - Marching Off to War
Judas Priest - Electric Eye
Spinal Tap - The Majesty of Rock
Black Sabbath - The Wizard

Nevermore - Lost
Jeff Loomis - Jato Unit
Strapping Young Lad - Detox
Gama Bomb - Sentenced to Thrash
Warbringer - Total War
Bonded By Blood - Blood Spilled Offerings
Opeth - The Leper Infinity
Ihsahn - Undercurrent
Celtic Frost - Into the Crypts of Rays
Bloodbath - So You Die

Scale The Summit - Bloom /Sargasso Sea
Cynic - Veil of Maya
Ihsahn - Disassembled
Unexpect - Until Yet a Few More Deaths Do Us Part/Unsolved Ideas of a Distorted Guest
Corpo-Mente - Dulcin
Öxxö Xööx - Da I Lun
Cormorant - Junta
Saor - The Awakening

Ulcerate - Chasm of Fire
Zeal & Ardor - Children's Summon
Immolation - In Human Form
Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked
Behemoth - Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
Absu - A Song for Ea

Wormlust - Djoflasyra
Selvans - O Clitmune!
ColdWorld - Void
Order of Orias - Ash and Sparks
Plebian Grandstand - Oculi Lac
Wode - Trails of Smoke
Woe - Carried By Waves To Remorseless
Drudkh - Autumn in Sepia

Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog
Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser
Egypt - The Tomb
Son of a Witch - Thrones in the Sky
Possessor - Scorpion Swamp
Khemmis - Beyond the Door
Void King - Canyon Hammer

Zao - Apocalypse
Oathbreaker - I'm Sorry, This is
Navajo Witch - Blakc Curse
Rosetta - Ryu / Tradition
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation
Witchhelm - I Am (Wolf)
Converge - Wretched World
Windhand - Aition
Baroness - Grad

13 December 2016

Sean's favorite albums of 2016 (12/13/2016)

This set list is composed of albums that I genuinely enjoyed this past year. I won't be posting the songs I played, but the albums they came from. I hope all of you take some time to sit down and listen to these release!

Alcest - Kodama
Neurosis - Fires Within Fires
Possessor - Dead By Dawn
Navajo Witch - Ghost Sickness

Inter Arma - Paradise Gallows
Witchhelm - Jotunn (EP)
Cough - Still They Pray

Plebian Grandstand - False Highs, True Lows
Oranssi Pazuzu - Varahtelija
Ulcerate - Shrines of Paralysis

Vektor - Terminal Redux
Inquisition - Blooshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
Voivod - Post Society (EP)

06 December 2016


Hour 1
Bulb - Füf (Self-titled)
Tripture - Beat the giant (Ortus)
Human Future - Misery Drone (Spectrum)
Haunted Shores - Feed the Wolf (Norway Jose feat. Devin Townsend) (Viscera EP)
Toska - Infantile (Ode to the Author)

Kvelertak - Utrydd Dei Svake (Self- titled)
Skáphe - IV (Skáphe^2)
Tusk - Cold Twisted Aisle (The Resisting Dreamer)
Rosetta - Myo/ The Miraculous (The Anaesthete)

Hour 2
Katatonia - Brave (Brave Murder Day)
Armagedda - Ændalykt (Ond Spiritism Djæfvvlens Skalder Anno Serpenti MMIV)
Watain - The Light That Burns The Sun (Sworn To The Dark)

Therion - Eye Of Shiva (Vovin)
Blaze of Perdition - Night's Blood (Dissection Cover) (Necrosophist)
Shining - Hail Darkness Hail (Redefining Darkness)
Pseudogod - The Firstborn of Abhorrence (In Void and Serpent the Spirit Is One)

22 November 2016


Hour 1
Anciients - Following the Voice (Voice of the Void)
Vipassi - Benzaiten
Virvum - I: A New Journey Awaits/ II: A Final Warning Shine: Ascension and Trespassing (Illuminance)
Boreworm - Entomophobia (Entomophobia EP)
Panphage - Utlagr (Drengskapr)
Suffer Yourself - Inner Sanctum (Inner Sanctum)
Trees of Eternity - Hour of the Nightingale (Hour of the Nightingale)

Hour 2
Ultha - Crystalline Pyre (Pain Cleanses Every Doubt)
Downfall of Nur - The Golden Age (Umbras de Barbaiga)
Fuath - Blood (I)

Vukari - Ad Delerium, Pt. I// Pt. II (Divination)
Orphans of Dusk - Starless (Revenant)

15 November 2016


Hour 1
Raptorbaby -- The Group (Citadel)
Stockades -- Unfix (Rolo Tomassi / Stockades)
Daughters -- The Hit (Self-titled)
Coalesce -- For All You Are (Give Them Rope)
Norma Jean -- Blood Burner (Meridional)
The Dillinger Escape Plan -- Wanting Not so Much as To (Disassociation)

Cave In -- Sing My Love (White Silence)
The Locust -- AOTKPTA (New Erections)
Look What I Did -- Six Flags OVer Jesus (Atlas Drugged)
Car Bomb -- Cenotaph (Meta)
The Number Twelve Looks Like You -- An Aptly Fictional Description (Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear.)

Hour 2
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza -- You Won't (Danza 4: The Alpha - the Omega)
Exotic Animal Petting Zoo -- a) Translations (I Have Made My Bed in Darkness)
Ion Dissonance -- Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task (Single)
Protest The Hero -- Clarity (Volition)
Psyopus -- Ms. Shyflower (Odd Senses)

Duck Duck Goose -- Hellevator (Off Yourself)
Botch -- John Woo (American Nervoso)
Me and Him Call It Us -- Just Can't Function No More (Loss)
The Arusha Accord -- Dead to Me (The Echo Verses)
Employed To Serve -- Greyer Than You You Remember (Greyer Than You Remember)
Noise Trail Immersion -- In Somnis (Womb)
Save Us from the Archon -- only an ocean, almost (L'Eclisse)
Theory In Practice -- The Amendment of Germplasm (Evolving Transhumanism)

08 November 2016


Hour 1
Animals As Leaders -- Arithmophobia
The Dillinger Escape Plan -- Wanting Not so Much to as To
Good Tiger -- Snake Oil
Sea in the Sky -- Visions
I Built the Sky -- Perlucidus
Red Seas Fire -- Blood Bank

In Search of Sight -- Sinking
Auras-- Infinite Influence
Dream Theater -- The Dance of Eternity [Scene Seven]
Elitist -- Numbered
Your Memorial -- Forever United
Architects -- Phantom Fear

Hour 2
Car Bomb -- Gratitude (Meta)
Curl Up And Die -- You'd Be Cuter If I Shot You In The Face (Unfortunately We're Not Robots)
Cult Leader -- How Deep It Runs (Lightless Walk)
Hunab Ku -- The Other I (The Rewiring Process)

Indricothere -- VII (feat. Colin Marston)
Behold... The Arctopus -- Exospacial Psionic Aura (Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning)
Cynic -- Veil Of Maya (Focus)
Sadist -- African Devourers (Hyaena)
Gorod -- Celestial Nature (A Maze of Recycled Creeds)
Nader Sadek -- Petrophilia (In the Flesh)

25 October 2016


Hour 1
Anagnorisis -- Metamorphosis (Peripeteia)
Who Dies in Siberian Slush -- And It Will Pass (The Symmetry of Grief)
Ornassi Pazuzu -- Havuluu (Värähtelijä)

My Shameful -- The Land of the Living (The Symmetry of Grief)
Abstract Spirit -- Theomorphic Defectiveness (Theomorphic Defectiveness)

Hour 2
Void Omnia -- Of Time (Dying Light)
Cepheide -- Le souffle brulant de l'immacule (Respire EP)
Altarage - Baptism Nihl (Nihl)

An Ocean Of Void - Resonance (The Great Escape)
Absconditus - Elegeía (Confession au Cénotpahe) (Katabasis)
Aosoth - One with the Prince of a Thousand Enemies (An Arrow in Heart)

18 October 2016


Hour 1
Alcest - Eclosion (Kodama)
Skagos - The Drum Pound Every Night in a Glorious Celebration of Life (Ast)

Sole Syndicate - Garden of Eden (Garden of Eden LP)
Tripture - Uroboros (Ortus)
Toska - Illumo (Ode to the Author)
REMOTE - Nootropics Of Cancer (Resilient)
In Love Your Mother - Nepomunk (Dada for Your Mada)

Hour 2
Stellarvore - Le Poing de Njord (L'Orgueil des drapeaux et des flammes)
Draconian - The Apostasy Canticle (Arcane Rain Fell)
Bossk - Atom Smasher (Audio Noir)
Badr Vogu - Traitor (Wroth)

Velm - Orkan (Orkan)
Monolith Wielder - Angels Hide (Monolith Wielder)
Gorgosaur - Pyromaniac Narrations (Lurking Among Corpses)
Herder - Everlasting Peace (Fergean)
Convoker - A Witch shall Be Born (Za dashu snaku Zigur)

27 September 2016


Hour 1
Skeletonwitch - Well of Despair (The Apothic Gloom)
Lost Society - Only (My) Death Is Certain (Braindead)
In Malice's Wake - From Beyond (Light Upon the Wicked)
Usurpress - Beneath the Starless Skies (The Regal Tribe)

Woslom - The Deep Null (Time to Rise)
Lich King - Wage Slave (Born Of The Bomb)
Deathhammer - Warriors of Evil (Evil Power)
Nocturnal Breed - Wicked Vicious & Violent (Fields of Rot)
Ragnarok - Dominance & Submission (Psychopathology)
Adramelech - Heroes in Godly Blaze (Psychostasia)

Hour 2
Toxik - There Stood The Fence (Think This)
Coroner - Divine Step (Mental Vortex)
Morbid Saint - Lock up Your Children (Spectrum of Death)
Morpheus Descends - Immortal Coil (Ritual of Infinity + Adipocere)
Necrodeath - The Creature (Mater Of All Evil)
Wild Throne - The Wrecking Ball Unchained (Harvest Of Darkness)

Moon Tooth - Igneous (Chromaparagon)
Paragon Belial - Goatspawn (Nosferathu Sathanias)
Behexen - Tyrant of Luminous Darkness (The Poisonous Path)
Tsjunder - Anceint Hate (Demonic Possession)

20 September 2016


Hour 1
Car Bomb - Lower the Blade (w^w^^w^w)
Meshuggah - Born in Dissonance*
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Limerent Death*
Noisem - Cascade of Scars (Blossoming Decay)
Malevich - Le Tout Bas (Only the Flies)
Breather Resist - An Insomniac's Complexion (Charmer)
Hexis - Tenebris (Abalam)

Plebian Grandstand - Volition (False Highs, True Lows)
Bone Dance - Writhing in Ecstasy (S/T)
Call of the Void - Cold Hands (Ageless)
Gatecreeper - Craving Flesh*
Seven Nautical Miles - Landscapes (Every Ocean Reversed)

Hour 2
Draconian - The Wretched Tide (Sovran)
Lento - Questions and Answers (Anxiety Despair Languish)
Callisto - Pale Pretender (Secret Youth)
Tephra - Ghost (Tempel)
Adai - Bodies (Felo De Se)

Tomydeepestego - Victor (TMDE)
Nux Vomica - Sanit Is for the Passive (S/T)
Ocoai - Niveus Hills (The Electric Hand)
Steve Von Till - In Your Wings (A Life Unto Itself)

06 September 2016


Hour 1
Ulcerate - Extinguished Light (Single)
Baring Teeth - End (Atrophy)
Dark Funeral - Unchain My Soul (Where Shadows Forever Reign)
Pyrrhon - Cancer Mantra (Growth Without End)
Jute Gyte - Like the Woodcutter Sawing His Hands (Perdurance)

Primitive Weapons - Night Eyes (The Future Of Death)
Cavity - Supercollider (Supercollider)
Cathedral - All Your Sins (In Memoriam)
Epoch - Terran Tula (S/T)
Pete Cottrell - Numbers (Numbers)
Pete Cottrell - Resistance (Numbers)

Hour 2
Hannes Grossmann - The Sorcerer (The Radial Covenant)
Odem Arcarum - Oceans (Outrageous Reverie Above The Erosion Of Barren Earth)
Ancst - Strife (Moloch)

Gorguts - Pleiades' Dust (S/T EP)*

*= request

30 August 2016


Hour 1
Windhand - Forest Clouds (Grief's Infernal Flower)
MotherSloth - Supersun (Hazy Blur of Life)
Conan - Thunderhoof (Revengeance)

OM - Bedouin's Vigil (Split)
SubRosa - The Usher (More Constant Than the God)
Monolord - Die In Haze (Lord of Suffering)
Keef Mountain - Sorcery of the Tree (Climbing Higher: The Ascent Sessions (Demo))

Hour 2
Slomatics - Troglorite (Estron)
Olde Growth - The Grand Illusion (Olde Growth)
Couch Slut - Carpet Farmer (My Life as a Woman)
Shrinebuilder - Solar Benediction (Shrinebuilder)
Krux - Black Room (Krux)
Lesbian - La Brea Borealis (Hallucinogenesis)
Insane Vesper - Blood of the Moon (Layil)