13 May 2014

Lauryn's Last Metal at Midnight (30)

Sooo... I started a little bit late..

i do what i want!

here's my last set list for we're not gonna take it: metal at midnight


Baroness - "Tower Falls" from First EP
Absu - "Abraxas Connexus" from Abzu
Godflesh - "Like Rats" from Streetcleaner
Cobalt - "Dry Body" from Gin
Russian Circles - "Death Rides A Horse"


Pelican - "Vestiges" from Forever Becoming
Isis - "Threshold of Transformation" from Wavering Radiant
Rosetta - "Absent" from The Galilean Satellites
Kylesa - "Hollow Severer" from Time Will Fuse Its Worth


Torche - "Healer" from Meanderthal
Big Business - "Off Off Broadway" from Head for the Shallow
Ulcerate - "Beneath" from The Destroyers of All
Gojira - "Explosia" from L'Enfant Sauvage


Melvins - "Charmicarmicat" from Eggnog
Heiress - "Husk Worship" from Narrows/Heiress Split 7"
Deafheaven - "Roads to Judah" from Language Games
Woe - "Ceaseless Jaws" from Withdrawal


Morne - "Killing Fields" from Asylum
Altar of Plagues - "Scald Scar of Water" from Teethed Glory and Injury
Cult of Luna - "Vicarious Redemption" from Vertikal

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