16 August 2014


I'm doing the early morning thing again. This week will be the end of my 3-part Friday night/Saturday morning saga. I hope you enjoy it!


Melvins - "Honey Bucket" (Houdini, 1993)
The Contortionist - "Language I: Intution" (Language, Upcoming!!!)
Thy Art Is Murder - "The Purest Strain of Hate" (Hate, 2013) [Request]
Gorguts - "Reduced to Silence" (Colored Sands, 2013)
Between the Buried and Me - "Melting City" ( The Parallax II: Future Sequence, 2012)


Before The Dawn - "Phoenix Rising" (Rise of the Phoenix, 2012)
Gojira - "The Art of Dying" (The Way of All Flesh, 2008)
Born of Osiris - "Devastate" (The Discovery, 2011)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Paranoia Shields" (One of Us is the Killer, 2013)
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - "You Won't" (Danza IIII, 2012)


Neurosis - "We All Rage In Blood" (Honor Found In Decay, 2012)
Krallice - "Intraum" (Dimensional Bleedthrough, 2009)
Alchemist - "Nothing In No Time" (Tripsis, 2007)
Conducting From the Grave - "Into the Rabbit Hole" (S/T, 2013)


Baroness - "A Horse Called Golgotha" (Blue Record, 2009)
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - "Sleep Is Wrong" (Grand Opening And Closing!, 2001)
Archspire - "Lucid Collective Somnambulation" (The Lucid Collective, 2014)
Municipal Waste - "Wrong Answer" (Massive Aggressive, 2009)
Origin - "Redistribution of Filth" (Omnipresent, 2014)


Mastodon - "Diamond in the Witch House" (Once More 'Round the Sun, 2014)
Opeth - "Reverie/Harlequin Forest" (Ghost Reveries, 2005)
Violator - "Atomic Nightmare" (Chemical Assault, 2006)
Awaken The Ancient - "Axis of Affinity" (Axis of Affinity, 2013)
The Berzerker - "Last Mistake" (Dissimulate, 2002)


Nachtmystium - "A Seed for Suffering" (Instinct: Decay, 2006)
Psyopus - "Insects" (Our Puzzling Encounters Considered, 2007)
Protest The Hero - "Bloodmeat" (Fortress, 2008)
Cloudkicker - "Dysphoria" (The Discovery, 2008)
The Safety Fire - "Floods of Colour" (Grind The Ocean, 2012)

Bump Music: Meshuggah - "Neurotica" (Chaosphere, 1998)

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