23 September 2014


12-1 with Ben

Antaeus "Inner War" from Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan
The Chasm "Entering a Superior Dimension" from Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm
Cloud Rat "Inkblot" and "Aroma" from Moksha
Gorgoroth "Crushing the Scepter" from Pentagram
ColdWorld "Dream of a Dead Sun" from Melancholie^2

Bloodiest "Slave Rule" from Descent
Rwake "Leviticus" from Voices of Omens
Noothgrush "Oil Removed" from Erode the Person
Black Pyramid "Mercy's Bane" from II

cloud rat's playing a show on thursday: https://www.facebook.com/events/261488370724723/

1-2 with AJ

Black Crown Initiate - "Withering Waves" (The Wreckage of Stars, Upcoming)
Decapitated - "Blood Mantra" (Blood Mantra, Upcoming!!!)
Glass Cloud - "Trapped Like Rats" (Perfect War Forever - EP, 2013)
Borknagar - "In A Deeper World" (Urd, 2012)
The Contortionist - "Thrive" (Language, 2014)

Exhumed - "Under The Knife" (Anatomy Is Destiny, 2003)
The Faceless - "XenoChrist" (Planetary Duality, 2010)
Neurosis - "We All Rage In Blood" (Honor Found In Decay, 2012)
Artificial Brain - "Absorbing Black Ignition" (Labyrinth Constellation, 2014)

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