12 April 2016


Hour 1
Baryon - Ordovician (Inauguration)
ISIS (THE BAND) - Threshold of Transformation (Wavering Radiant)
High on Fire - Luminiferous (Luminiferous)
Indian - Directional (From All Purity)
Black Fast - The Coming Swarm (Terms of Surrender)
Order of the Owl - Class War (In the Noon of the After Day)
Old Man Gloom - A Hideous Nightmare Lies Upon The World (The Ape of God)

*Bump* Old Man Gloom - The Lash (The Ape of God)

Hour 2
VNFVRL - Oleander (Deathbed)
Nathyr - Attaghoot (As The Legacy Unveils)
Omnia Vincam - The Yearning (Prima Materia)
Wild Reprisal - Neither Man or Beast (Against Leviathan)
4 Cinégas - Hiena/ Damselfly/ Dobsonfly (Cuatro Cinégas)
Black Sabbath - A Bit of Finger/Sleeping Village/Warning (Self-titled)
Manilla Road - Necropolis (Crystal Logic)

*Bump* Dokken - Mr. Scary

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