07 June 2016


Hour 1
The Helix Nebula - Sailing Stone (feat. Plini) [Meridian]
Poly-Math - Babel [Reptiles]
Animals as Leaders - Thoroughly at Home [Self-titled]
Gonin-Ish - Jinbaika - Parasite Flower [Naishikyo-Sekai]
Ephel Duath - Unpoetic Circle (Bottle Green) [The Painters Palette]
Horse The Band - Murder [A Natural Death]
Botch - Transitions From Person To Object [We Are The Romans]
Arms - Psalms Muted [Blackout]
Thy Catafalque - Élo Lény [Sgúrr]
Bloodway - Mirror Twins [Mapping the Moment With the Logic Of Dreams]

Hour 2
Death - Spirit Crusher [The Sound of Perseverance]
Akercocke - Leviathan [Choronzon]
The Contortionist - Language II: Conspire [Language]
Haunted Shores - Harrison Fjord [Viscera]
The Butterfly Effect - Reach [IMAGO]
maudlin of the Well - They Aren't All Beautiful ["Bath"]
Strapping Young Lad - Antiproduct [The New Black]
Gojira - Silvera [Silvera]
A Forest of Stars - Drawing Down the Rain [Beware the Sword You Cannot See]

*bump* Periphery - Zyglrox (Instrumental) [Periphery (Instrumental)]

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