18 July 2016


Hour 1
Whipstriker - Troopers of mayhem// We came from the wild land (Troopers Of Mayhem)
Bludwulf - The Horror (Cryptic Revelations)
Children of Technology - Blackout (Future Decay)
Root - Belial (Hell Symphony)
Havok - Waste of Life (Unnatural Selection)
Toxic Holocaust - Sound The Charge (Conjure and Command)
Krabathor - Touch the Sun (Orthodox / Mortal Memories)
Bone Tomb - Tombs of Blood (Tombs of Blod)
Sarcofago - Nightmare (Inri)
Therion - Cults of the Shadow (Theli)
Nifelheim - Evil Balsphemies (Servants of Darkness)

Hour 2
Thranenkind - Desperation (King Apathy)
JAMBINAI -Wardrobe (A Hermitage)
Lightfinder - Escape// Lost (Purpose)
Conjurer - Never Enough (Old World Ritual)
Jesus Piece - Sinking (Self-titled EP)
Couch Slut - Little Girl Things (My Life as a Woman)
Toska - Chalk Teeth (Ode to the Author)
Periphery - Flatline (Flatline)
A Great Adventure or Nothing - Quasars in the Distance (Self-titled)
Sithy Aye - Baryogenesis (Invent the Universe)
Corelia - Treetops (Nostalgia)

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