27 September 2016


Hour 1
Skeletonwitch - Well of Despair (The Apothic Gloom)
Lost Society - Only (My) Death Is Certain (Braindead)
In Malice's Wake - From Beyond (Light Upon the Wicked)
Usurpress - Beneath the Starless Skies (The Regal Tribe)

Woslom - The Deep Null (Time to Rise)
Lich King - Wage Slave (Born Of The Bomb)
Deathhammer - Warriors of Evil (Evil Power)
Nocturnal Breed - Wicked Vicious & Violent (Fields of Rot)
Ragnarok - Dominance & Submission (Psychopathology)
Adramelech - Heroes in Godly Blaze (Psychostasia)

Hour 2
Toxik - There Stood The Fence (Think This)
Coroner - Divine Step (Mental Vortex)
Morbid Saint - Lock up Your Children (Spectrum of Death)
Morpheus Descends - Immortal Coil (Ritual of Infinity + Adipocere)
Necrodeath - The Creature (Mater Of All Evil)
Wild Throne - The Wrecking Ball Unchained (Harvest Of Darkness)

Moon Tooth - Igneous (Chromaparagon)
Paragon Belial - Goatspawn (Nosferathu Sathanias)
Behexen - Tyrant of Luminous Darkness (The Poisonous Path)
Tsjunder - Anceint Hate (Demonic Possession)

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