25 October 2016


Hour 1
Anagnorisis -- Metamorphosis (Peripeteia)
Who Dies in Siberian Slush -- And It Will Pass (The Symmetry of Grief)
Ornassi Pazuzu -- Havuluu (Värähtelijä)

My Shameful -- The Land of the Living (The Symmetry of Grief)
Abstract Spirit -- Theomorphic Defectiveness (Theomorphic Defectiveness)

Hour 2
Void Omnia -- Of Time (Dying Light)
Cepheide -- Le souffle brulant de l'immacule (Respire EP)
Altarage - Baptism Nihl (Nihl)

An Ocean Of Void - Resonance (The Great Escape)
Absconditus - Elegeía (Confession au Cénotpahe) (Katabasis)
Aosoth - One with the Prince of a Thousand Enemies (An Arrow in Heart)

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