03 May 2016


Hour 1
Nifrost - Byrdesong (Motvind)
Daylight Dies - Dreaming of Breathing (A Frail Becoming)
In Mourning - For You to Know (Monolith)
Ihsahn - Disassembled (Arktis.)
Arphael - Erebus (Guided By Light)

Saor - Aura (Aura)
Shade Empire - Dawnless Days (Omega Arcane)
Periphery - Letter Experiment (Instrumental) (Self-titled (Instrumental)) [Request]

*bump* The Interbeing - Pulse Within The Paradox (Instrumental) (Edge Of The Obscure (Instrumental))

Hour 2
Fleshgod Apocalypse - In Aeternum (King)
Chthe'illist - Le Dernier Crépuscule/ Into the Vaults of Ingurgitating Obscurity (Le Dernier Crépuscule)
Ulcerate - Dead Oceans (The Destroyers Of All)
Anata - Complete Demise (The Conductor's Departure)

Entombed - When Life Has Ceased (Left Hand Path)
Necrosanct - Inevitale Demise (Incarnate)
Infected Virulence - The Fall of Gondolin (Music of Melkor)
Amputory - Unaccoutable (Ode to Gore)
Mordbrand - Graveyard Revisited (Necropsychotic)
Decrepit Birth - Reflection of Emotions (Diminishing Between Worlds)
The Body & Full Of Hell - One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache (One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache)

*bump* sunnata - Beasts of Prey (Zorya)

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