24 May 2016

Interview with Ladybird 05/24/2016

Hour 1
Ladybird - Wretch, Velvet Sycamore, Pry, Helem [Native]

Curl up and Die - Doctor Doom, A Man of Science, Doesn't Believe in Jesus, Why the Fuck do You [Unfortunately, We're Not Robots]
Extreme Noise Terror - Cage Paralysis [Self-titled]
Dropdead - Unjustified Murder [Discography 1991-1993]
Torch Runner - Godlust [Endless Nothing]
Converge - The Broken Vow [Jane Doe]
Gaza - This We Celebrate [No Absolutes in Human Suffering]
Toadliquor - Gnaw [The Hortator's Lament]

Hour 2
Celeste - Dans ta salive, sur sa peau [ANIMALE(S)]
Primitive Man - Sweet Leaf [P // M]
The Body - Hallow/Hollow [No One Deserves Happiness]
Sea of Bones - The Stone the Slave and the Architect [The Earth Wants Us Dead]

Hooded Menace - Ashen with Solemn Decay [Darkness Drips Forth]
Indian - Directional [From All Purity]
Hymnal Moths - Worship (Ladybird Rework) [No Spirit: Reworks and Remixes]

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