02 August 2016


Hour 1
Between the Buried and Me - B. Anabelphobia (The Silent Circus)
The Korea - Voyager (Cosmogonist)
For Giants - Pulaski Day (You Are the Universe)
*After the Burial - Anti-pattern (Wolves Within)
Periphery - Lune (Periphery III: Select Difficulty)

*bump* Periphery - Zero

JAMBINAI - Wardrobe (A Herimtage)
Rxyzyxr - Multiverse (Lmnts)
Uneven Structure - Awaken (Februus)
Blotted Science - Synaptic Plasticity (The Machinations of Dementia)
*Dharma - The Overseer (2012 Self-titled)

Hour 2
Count Raven - Nashira (Mammons War)
Thorr-Axe - The Island (Wall of Spears)
Evadne - No Place For Hope (The Shortest Way)
Floor - Loanin' (Below & Beyond)
Inter Arma - An Archer In The Emptiness (Paradise Gallows)

*bump* sunnata - Beasts of Prey (Zoraya)

Disemballerina - Impaled Matador (Poison Gown)
Witchhelm - I Am (Wolf) (Jotunn)
Ereb Altor - Awakening (By Honour)

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