30 August 2016


Hour 1
Windhand - Forest Clouds (Grief's Infernal Flower)
MotherSloth - Supersun (Hazy Blur of Life)
Conan - Thunderhoof (Revengeance)

OM - Bedouin's Vigil (Split)
SubRosa - The Usher (More Constant Than the God)
Monolord - Die In Haze (Lord of Suffering)
Keef Mountain - Sorcery of the Tree (Climbing Higher: The Ascent Sessions (Demo))

Hour 2
Slomatics - Troglorite (Estron)
Olde Growth - The Grand Illusion (Olde Growth)
Couch Slut - Carpet Farmer (My Life as a Woman)
Shrinebuilder - Solar Benediction (Shrinebuilder)
Krux - Black Room (Krux)
Lesbian - La Brea Borealis (Hallucinogenesis)
Insane Vesper - Blood of the Moon (Layil)

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