23 August 2016


Hour 1
Punch - Time Apart (Nothing Lasts)
Gallhammer - The End (The End)
Asmodee - Wolf and hatred (Single)*
Unexpect - Summoning Scenes (In A Flesh Aquarium)
Augury - Beatus (Concealed)

Vehemal - Milky Way (The Atom Band)
Aenygmist - Elixir (Creation Born of Trauma)
Made Out Of Babies - How To Get Bigger (The Ruiner)
Code Orange Kids - Flowermouth (The Leech) (Love Is Love // Return To Dust)
Battle Of Mice - Bones in the Water (A Day of Nights)

Hour 2
Sourvein - Avian Dawn (Aquatic Occult)
Cough - Haunter of the Dark (Still They Pray)
Unearthly Trance - Unveilied (V)
Yidhra - Cult of Bathory (Self - titled)

Khemmis - Ash, Cinder, Smoke (Absolution)
Indica Blues - Arms to the Sky (Ruins on the Shore)
Cybernetic Witch Cult - High Wizard (King of the Horsehead Nebula) (Spaceous Cretaceous)
Watchtower - Radiant Moon (Radiant Moon)

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